Summer Anthem | Nice as Heck

Well well well where do we even begin? This summer has been absolutely bonkers. From graduating college to moving into our new home/nice as heck headquarters out in California, our life has been one wild ride these past few months. After getting settled down at our new place, and with a new collection ready to drop, we knew we needed to do one more thing to cap summer off: a road trip. So, like any young weekend warriors would do, we packed up our bags, boards, bug off, and beers and headed down south to Mexico, following along the winding coastline of Baja California. Along our way, we met amazing people, found beautiful, empty waves, a perfect skate bowl, and lots of unbelievably delicious tacos. But, more importantly, the trip allowed us to do exactly what we created nice as heck for: to get outside. And what better way to do that than to surround yourself with all your friends? We have had plenty of moments captured over this crazy summer, and we pieced together a little recap video to share with all of you. We hope you enjoy our shenanigans and promise our video will inspire you and your friends to get out there. And if you are interested, shop our new collection, ‘Booyah’, on our website now.
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