Moments From Ghana

The nice as heck team took a trip to Ghana last month, here are a few words to describe the trip from creative director, Cam Daly.


It seems that my interpretation of Africa has been skewed by countless charitable initiatives and biased media portrayals. In the US, It’s as if the only thing we hear about Africa is poverty, water scarcity, exotic animals, etc. To be fair, upon arriving in Ghana, this was my expectation too. I was prepared to witness a country so rooted in poverty that a constant gloom of negativity rained over them. Oh boy was I wrong. Sure, there wasn’t a whole lot of money, paved roads, and clean water, but you would never be able to tell. Within my first hour in Ghana, I felt like I was in the happiest place on earth. The overwhelming sense of community, love, and respect overshadowed every negative aspect that existed in the country. Children played in the streets laughing, smiling, and enjoying the mere presence of one another. Entire communities came together for nights of song and dance, spreading positivity in a way that I have never seen before. All of this without an Iphone in sight. My time in Ghana offered me the humble reminder that you don't need to have it all to live your nice life.


Words and photos cannot even begin to describe my experience in Ghana, but these photos from my friend Andres come pretty damn close.

village in ghana
boys in the back of a surfing van
slum in ghana
bridge in ghana
boys on cam's shoulder in ghana
village in ghana
ghana natives
jungle in ghana
village in ghana
cracking a coconut in ghana



Photos by Andres O'Beirne

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