Curing A Hangover In Stages

Our buddy Gio gave us a few tips for staying fresh after a long night out. You can check out his blog and instagram here!


There is certainly an agenda when thinking of how to cure a hangover. First and foremost, you need to do some damage control and assess the situation. Then, you can truly prescribe yourself the “cure” for your morning haze. I am about to give you an inside scoop on the hangover to cure ratio and give you a doctors notes for prescription. You are welcome in advance.


I swear sometimes even a little bit of alcohol can deal you a hangover the next morning. While equally as shitty as a normal hangover, this one can get served the easiest of cures to be fixed. All it takes is some coffee. Obviously, hydrating the night before can prevent this one overall, so you’d best not get this one often.



At any time you are “pregaming” an event, you are just throwing yourself into the ring. A hangover is on the horizon. While sometimes one that feels like the one above, it often is a little worse. Most of the time, a coffee and snack can turn this one upside-down. This is strictly in relation to a “casual” night out, and not to be confused with pre-gaming before a send to the bars (the cringe). This one relates more to events, rather than bars (some events definitely excluded). A good combo to work with the coffee is a surf. And this is where we kind of go on a tangent————-

Surf and coffee has eliminated some of the most lethal of hangovers, and is for sure the go to for me when needing a quick fix. There are some things to make note of, before heading into this sort of ritual post party. First, the actual surf is very important to factor in. While it can’t be too small to where there will be no fun had, if it’s really on the cook a lot of things can go wrong. The sweet spot is probably 2-3 occasionally 4 and occasionally 5. Enough for insiders to be mellow, but also enough size to get a cover up and also do some proper turns. While waves being on the cook can cure a hangover, often the floggings when blowing a wave tend to sting extra (and happen to occur often when hungover). Whether it getting vaporized by a set or just blowing a lot of good waves, know that the pumping surf hangover cure is a toss up. Stay in the “couple fun ones zone” and you’ll be in the clear.


—–This is where I had to retire writing for the day to engage in Cinco de Mayo—–

Boy drinking alcohol in front of the sun


This is when we are all linking up and hitting the bars. Often with some sort of debauchery in mind, this one can for sure get dangerous. If you have gone out on one of these missions the night before and had a coffee and a surf and still feel the haze around your head, the next logical step is to get some food. While lots of options are out there, there is an apex of the food pyramid. This would be the breakfast burrito. With some greasy meat, flour from the tortilla, and gooeyness from the cheese-potato combo, it is almost a foolproof way to fix you. The best part: they typically are cheap, so your wallet will say thanks after opening the bank safe last night at the bar.



This is pretty much the final stage of the hangover scale. From here nothing new really comes into the equation, everything just can get amplified. The times when you sleep in later than you wanted, probably didn’t drink any water before bed, and wake up to texts from other people who stayed out longer than you. These might cause a giggle, but you soon remember how hungover you are. This is when you make a break for the holy grail of hangover cures, pedialyte. Slug one of these on top of the coffee surf and breakfast burrito and you are ready to rock and roll. If a hangover still persists after this concoction of medicine, you are just going to have to tough it out. Feel free to bookmark this post and refer back when you wake up and ache a little.



-James Giordano

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