Ashes to Amber - JADE Album Interview

This summer has been jam packed with new music, and I don’t know about you guys… but  a fresh album release gets me feeling some type of way. That is why I want to talk about new music with friend and artist Kane Acosta, or as many know him, Ashes to Amber. Kane has just released his his debut album JADE, an original project written by him and composed by himself and TJ Wee. Coming off an EP and two single releases, he has been working tirelessly to create this 10 track album. The album is a blend of indie psychedelic with an electronic overtone, keeping listeners on their toes. We sat down with Kane to talk about the process of creating his debut album.


How's it going Kane?


I mean for Kane it’s going. I have been incredibly busy, making sure the music videos, merchandise, and album are all up to par for the release, so the fans of Ashes To Amber can let loose and get groovy.


So Kane, let’s dive in. I want to know what went into producing your first album, and what challenges/successes did you find along the way?


I try to release music every semester and I’ve been wanting to release my own album since I started crafting music in my adolescent age. What happened this past semester was that I had finished two singles, and realized there were only 5 weeks of school left. So I went into terminator mode. Spent every single day crafting this album with my producer Taejoon Wee. After countless 10+ hour sessions... Jade was born. What’s interesting to note is that most of these songs were not previously written. I kind of wrote the album as we went and by song 10 the whole thing came together... crazy. The challenge was keeping sanity. But I found many successes along the way, such as collaborating, meeting new musicians, and building a project better than anything else I have released thus far.


Now that you have completed your first album, do you find that writing/producing music is becoming easier or no?


It will always be the same for me. When I make music and get into the zone, nothing is stopping me except for a supermassive volcano or like a shark wielding a machete on a jet ski. I feel it coarse through my body and cannot stop until my brain approves what I have created. So it’s not easier or harder, it’s just how I roll.


I know I did a little talking on the vibe of the album, but how would you describe JADE to the readers, as a little teaser before the release tomorrow. What are you trying to convey through JADE?


JADE IS A FEELING. As in Voodoo blu was a feeling as well. A voodoo doll feeling that comes in an out, unannounced, and creates a blue depressing vibe. Jade is interesting because in my current stage of life, I have outgrown the voodoo blu phase. I have moved into my Jade phase. Jade represents a color of both blue, yellow, and violet. It’s a happy and sad context with some feelings of growth and revenge. The violet plays into the more eerie tones of the yellow. Though happiness is there, sinister and sad feelings chase right behind it. Jade is another satire on life, but from a more balanced perspective. But who knows, Voodoo Blu might be hiding right around the corner... I am really interested to see how I grow as a person and what phase comes off of Jade. But then again, after telling you this, it’s up to your own interpretation, and it might not mean anything to Jade.




Well Kane, thank you for taking the time to speak with us and sharing your inner thoughts regarding the new album. As for the readers, make sure to give a listen to Ashes to Amber’s new album JADE available now on all major streaming platforms.


Enjoy :)



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Album cover for Ashes to Amber's album, JADE

Backside album cover for Ashes to Amber's album, JADE
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