10 Camping Essentials To Bring On Your Next Adventure

This list is by no means comprehensive nor is it an attempt to be a “top ten.” While you should always enter a hike with more food, water, and clothing than you would ever need, here are a few items that can spruce up your time with old man outdoors.

Rocketbook Notebook

Reusable Notebook

We’ve recommended this guy before in our holiday list, so why reinvent the wheel? The Rocketbook Reusable Notebook is perfect for doing a little late-night writing under the moonlight (romantic, we know).


Nice As Heck Backcountry Hoodie

Backcountry Hoodie

Ever been out in the woods while on a hike and thought, “damn, I could really use a warm hoodie right now”? Ya, us as well. The Backcountry hoodie is the perfect breathable middle layer to keep you warm while hitting the trails. Better yet, it comes with hidden pockets inside the kangaroo pouch for holding beers, flashlights, or whatever you can fit inside, keeping your values secure while on trail. Get them while you can here on our website.

Yellow Tail Hammock


There’s nothing like hanging loose and what better way than a hammock. The Yellow Leaf Signature Hammock is a beautiful and comfortable triple weave hammock with a 400-pound starter capacity weight. Even better, all of these hammocks are made by hand by craftswomen of the Mlabri tribe from North Thailand, without involving middlemen to take away a cut from these skilled artisans.  



While certainly not the first thing someone would think to bring on a camping trip, this thing can sure be useful. While being incredibly portable and only weighing just around three pounds, the E-tool can function as a pick, a saw, and even a hoe. Best of all, you can bury that not-so-quickly-biodegradable stuff that comes from your behind. What’s not to like?  

Portawipes Toilet Paper

Biodegradable Toilet Paper

While we don’t wanna beat a dead horse here, anyone who knows us knows 1) we appreciate and respect our lovely planet 2) we like to take comfortable dumps. This baby here achieves both. Add a little water to these suckers and ta-da! A nice clean bum rag that’s biodegradable too.

Eukarya Head Lamp

Head Lamp

Tripping over a branch in the middle of the night and eating a face full of dirt is decidedly not one of the items on our camping itineraries, therefore, a head lamp is a must have on the trail The Origin 2 Aviator head lamp is sleek, waterproof, powerfully illuminating, and best of all: rechargeable. Better yet, for every purchase, Eukarya plants a tree in areas devastated by wildfires or overdevelopment.

Mountain Hiker Medical Kit

First Aid Kit

A good first aid kit is a must for any serious hiker. While the best and most affordable option is to prepare your own kit, you may not always have the time. The Mountain Hiker Medical Kit, weighing in just under 8oz (that’s liteeee), has everything from After Bite(r) for those pesky woodland critters to EMT strength shears for serious first aid. The kit is pre-organized for ease of use, water-resistant, reflective for night-time woes, and best of all comes with a hiking first aid guide (get first aid training as well!)

BigBlue Solar Charger

Solar Charger

Let's face it, sometimes you gotta embrace your inner Gen-Z and update the gram whilst in the outback. While a traditional powered battery can do the job, your time binge-watching Tik-Toks is numbered. That’s why we recommend a solar charging battery like the BigBlue3. Functioning in a variety of conditions and with 3 USB ports, it will get you back to the interweb in no time.

Bic LIghters


Did you expect something fancier? Nah, what works works, and this works. Not much to add here besides avoid white lighters (we don’t mess around with bad juju). And if you don’t have a lighter, try some waterproof matches.

Sit Pack Folding Stool

Portable Folding Stool

Gonna be honest here, we partly included this because it looks hilarious in pictures. But coming in at under 1.5 pounds while being able to support nearly 220 pounds, this odd seat can be a serious tool for aching trail-trodden legs.

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