Why Natural Light Is The World's Best Beer

Before you get your panties in a wad, hear us out. We’re not scientists, but we do have some pretty convincing evidence that Natty Light takes the crown for best beer on the planet. We’re also not sure how to review a beer, so we’ve made three categories that we’ll be judging by; Price, Calories per ABV, and drinkability.


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Price: (10/10) Prices for beer are all over the place, but we can guarantee that Natty light is going to be the cheapest wherever you go. We picked up two cases for $12 each last week which equates to $0.40 a beer. You're not going to beat that price with any other beer, especially those overrated hipster IPA’s that will run you $6 a can. For this reason alone Natty light has been the number one choice for college kids, degenerates, and hobos since the eighties. Go ask your dad, I guarantee even he was drinking Natty's back in the day.


Calories per ABV: (10/10) As summer winds down, we tend to let ourselves go. The gym routine comes to an end, and the comfort food makes a comeback as we prepare to hibernate for winter.  But do not fear! Natty light isn’t going to stack on too many extra L.B.’s. At a whopping 4.2% ABV and only 95 calories per can, you can get your sauce on without worry of packing on too much belly fat. [Excluding Natural Ice and Bud Ice because that shit sucks] Natural light is officially the highest ABV per calorie beer on the market.


Drinkability: (9/10) Possibly the number one selling point for Natural Light is its ability to be enjoyed in nearly every situation. It's extremely versatile and can be drank when it's ice cold or even after a few hours of being left in the sun. There isn’t much flavor to begin with, so the temperature you drink it at doesn’t affect much. Whether it's the first one of the weekend, or the send off to your four-day bender, it's almost too easy to drink. Arguably, it's easier to swallow than water which is what makes it so perfect. The only downside about its drinkability is sometimes its just too easy. If you’re not careful a 12 pack of Natty's can go down in less than an hour and keep you with your head on the toilet the whole night.  They can be shotgunned, sipped, butt-chugged or whatever else your into in nearly every circumstance. This fact alone is what keeps bringing us back to the beautiful Natty light.


If you’re still not convinced here are a few other points to sell you on Natty light.


-Did we mention they have by far the best slogan? “The official beer of keeping it real”

-Natural light was the first beer in space.

-It won third place at the 2008 World Beer Cup.

-Here's picture of a supermodel that apparently “loves” natty light

Marisa Miller in a Natural Light Ad
Source: Natural Light Youtube

If you still don't agree, leave some comments below we’d love to argue about this.


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