Turkey Talk

   Thanksgiving is right around the corner and for most of you guys, especially me, school has been sucking the life out of you like that poor guy at the comedy show in that Rick and Morty episode (If you haven't seen the scene, please check it out for a good laugh, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSLXoaVV7vQ). But, back to what I was saying, everyone is at the point of the year where they need to get the fuck back home, sleep all day, and cram their faces with that home cooked Thanksgiving dinner. I for one am counting down the days until I hop on my flight home from college, give my dog a hug, and stuff my mouth with some turkey. And since it is that time of the year, I would like to present the not so debated debate on the best Dishes for Thanksgiving dinner. I'm hungry, you're hungry, so let's get this started. First, to smooth you guys into my argument, let's talk about your go-to side dishes. When it comes to Thanksgiving Dinner, there are some definite must haves. I would first like to start out by listing the dishes that are on all our minds, including: mashed potatoes, gravy (I dare you to tell me you don’t like gravy), stuffing (straight from the turkey or you're beat), green bean casserole, brussel sprouts, etc. One of my all time favorites, and definitely the dankest are sweet potatoes. If your family isn’t making sweet potatoes, they are doing something wrong. I have heard some talk about cranberry sauce, but not a huge fan, I prefer enjoying the cranberries in my mixed drinks so I”ll have a little liquid courage in me as I talk to my family members about a semester’s worth of partying, school work, partying, and a little more school work, from what I can remember.

   To finish my debate on this beautiful subject, and before I go make a turkey sandwich because I can’t stop thinking about food, I need to address what we all know and love; turkey. Many people go with the traditional cooking method, which involves throwing the turkey in the oven, and yes this is fantastic, especially the stuffing, but my family also has a different way. Every year my dad gets on his jacket to deep fry a turkey over a propane burner while my mom pumps out a turkey in the oven, the ultimate duo. I can already picture grabbing both types of turkey, smothering it all up in gravy, right next to my large pile of sweet potatoes. And yes, all the other fillers that make the holiday oh so delicious. And not gonna lie, it's been awhile since I have had a home cooked meal, so I’m sorry for melting your brain with food talk. On that note, off to my turkey sandwich to hold me over until next week. Hope all your Thanksgiving dreams are granted, from the nice as heck. Team to you. And remember, as always, stay nice.

The pilgrims during Thanksgiving
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