Mid-Winter Snow Report

What’s up ladies and gentlemen,


    Today I am excited to update all of you on snow conditions throughout the US as we cross over the halfway mark of Winter. I hope all you snow junkies have gotten your fixin’ and laid down some tracks during the first half of the winter, but let me tell you, this season is going by fast and the snow is falling from the sky quicker than I can type these words… I am hoping to get out to Mammoth Mountain this next weekend as they have been getting pounded by mother nature the past couple of weeks. Enough about me though, let me get to the goodies.


    It’s the beginning of February and the predictions from our preseason forecast weren’t too far off. The West Coast has seen a lot of snow recently, caused by major storms pushing off the Pacific and up to the mountains. As a result, many California resorts have taken the top spots of snow totals. Soda Springs Ski Resort near Lake Tahoe, CA, with totals reaching 182 inches, is topping the charts at the halfway point of the season. Following close behind, with recent snow totals reaching five feet this past weekend, Mammoth Lakes, CA has current totals of 165 inches. Further north, Mt. Baker and Alpental in Washington take the next two spots with totals are close to 159 and 139 inches. The East Coast has definitely seen plenty of snow too, and frigid temperatures have blanketed the region, producing optimal conditions. Appalachian Mountain in North Carolina currently is in 4th place with 131 inches of snow. Some resorts in Colorado, Utah, Nevada have had a few good storms and totals are rising, but they are underperforming compared to the resorts and regions mentioned above. Hopefully the second half of Winter will bless the region, and share some of the love the West Coast is seeing.


    Well, that’s about it for me, and I hope you guys all have a grin on your face after reading this article, because things are looking good for us <3. Now it’s time for me to go search for a 4-wheel drive vehicle so I can go snowboarding… smh. Wish I had a car out here.


Enjoy the snow,

The nice as heck. team


P.S. One of our nice as heck. team members Cam is on his semester at sea program taking classes on a cruise ship and exploring the world. Well he recently took a quick detour to Hakuba, Japan to get in some laps at a place people dream to shred. Let me speak for him because he is somewhere in the middle of the ocean with no connection, but the snow is unbelievable. He said he has never snowboarded in better conditions and better powder, leaving me dreaming of the day I go to Hakuba...

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