In Motion With Fernanda Venegas

Influenced by location and the environment around her, our friend Fernanda Venegas can’t recall a time where she didn’t have a camera in her hand. It is a necessity that she captures the places in that cross her eyes, because she has a deep respect and connection the the ground under her feet. In a time where we wander through the world without paying it much attention. It's essential that Fernanda captures the precious moments that are so often overlooked. Here's a quote that pretty much sums up Fernanda and her work “I like walk and travel a lot, especially when I'm a little bit blocked creatively, take a skate ride, have some beers and eat pizza or chips.”

Cheers to that.
skater doing an ollie
skater grinding on a wall
skater skateboarding
skater doing a wallie
a skateboard
skater jumping off a wall
skater grinding down a wall
skater doing a manual
skater grinding on a wall
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