Father's Day Gifts That Don't Suck

If your dad doesn't love golf, beer, and grilling fathers day can be a tough time. The internet is saturated with sub-par fathers day gifts that will most likely collect dust in his closet. We’ve compiled a list of fathers day gifts that don't suck so you can get dad a gift he’ll love without the stress.


Give him an experience

At nice as heck, we stress the importance of experience over material. We promise that your dad will appreciate spending time with you much more than any object. Here are a few ideas for experiences you guys can do together:


Go Karting

We’ve been getting pretty into competitive go karting. There's nothing like whipping around with no consequence when you crash. Take dad out to a little competitive go karting- you get to have a good time with this one too.



Plan a weekend for you and your pops this summer. Arrange an air bnb and a few activities along the way and give him the itinerary.


Take him to a game, show, movie, etc

Spend some time with him and go to a baseball game or the movies- tickets are always super cheap.


Go Hiking or Camping

Plan a camping trip for you and dad and gift him the itinerary. We guarantee he’ll appreciate the gesture and getting to spend some time with you.


If experiences aren't your thing, here are some gifts that hell love.


Photo of GQ Magazine

GQ Subscription

Hands down the best mag for any guy. GQ covers everything style, grooming, fitness, and more. For just $15 you can get a year subscription (Print and Digital) and a free weekend duffle bag. GQ also offers a student discount so if you have a .edu email, this package is only 10 bucks. At this price, this ones hard to beat.

Nice as heck, Late Night Car Air Freshner

Air freshener

Whether it's old food under the seat or a stanky gym bag, cars are always collecting some type of funk smell. Your dad can keep the air clean with our Late Night Car Cleanser. These guys come in both pine and beach scent to fit any occasion.

A White YETI mug

Yeti Cup- Custom

We’ve been testing these in the office and they work wonders. They’re durable, slick, and it keeps your coffee hot or cold all day. You can even personalize them on the Yeti website.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast sandwich maker

Perfect for the dad who is clueless when it comes to cooking. The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker will whip up a variety of sandwiches in under 5 minutes. Its super easy to use and requires no experience to get perfect tasting McMuffins.


Shoe Dog book by Phil Knight

Your Favorite Book

A good book never disappoints. Getting him a book that fits his interests is a great way to get a thoughtful gift without breaking the bank. Here are some of our favorites. Shoe Dog, A New Earth, The Art of Racing in the Rain, Elon Musk, Who Built That

Byrd Pomade

Byrd Hair Products

Inspired by 60’s surf culture, Byrd offers natural grooming products that smell great. They offer a variety of styling products, shampoos, and washes to keep dad smelling and feeling fresh.


Mantry company subscription box

Subscription Food Box

Gift him some great food without the effort. There are so many food subscription boxes on the market, you're guaranteed to find one that caters to his liking. Whether its meat, snack food, ice cream, jerky, or all of the above- these boxes have it all.


Home Depot Gift Card

Home depot gift card

You can't go wrong with this one. There's something for every dad at home depot, get him a gift card and pay it forward.

Blue ENO hammock


There's nothing better than kicking it in a hammock after a long day. This one from ENO is perfect for any occasion, it even packs up into a small pouch for travel. All you need is two sturdy bases and you're good to go. If you’re looking for a hammock to keep at home this one from amazon is super cheap and has great reviews.


Short Sleeve Botany Club Tee

Botany Club Tee

Make sure he looks good with our Botany Club Tee. Made from durable ring spun cotton, it's the perfect weekend t shirt.


Carry On Cocktail Kit

Carry-on Cocktail Kit

Perfect for any travel bag- the carry-on cocktail kit lets him craft a gourmet cocktail in any situation.

Bean Box

Bean box

For just $24 a month, get him a subscription service with some of the best coffees around. We’ve been using bean box for the past year and it never disappoints. Each month includes a box of four gourmet coffees from around the world. You can customize your box to include different roasts and ground or whole bean options.


UGG Slippers

Ugg slippers

Whether it's lounging around the house or taking a trip to the grocery, UGG offers a wide variety of mens slippers. With that cozy fur inside, you can ensure dad is getting a quality pair of slippers that will pass the test of time.

SONOS Speaker


If your dad loves music, he’ll love Sonos. These speakers support nearly every music streaming app such as Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Tidal, etc. With multiple speakers, they allow you to play different tracks in various parts of your house. The sound quality is out of this world so you can get crispy audio all throughout your house.

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