2019-2020 Gift Guide


CBD oil


After a long active day, there is nothing better than relaxing at home satisfied with all the work you have finished. To amplify this, Guud has the solution for you. With just a few drops under the tongue or added to your drink of choice, you will immediately feel loosy goosy, ready to sit back and allow your body to heal up for your next adventure. USE COUPON CODE ‘niceasheck’ FOR 30% OFF YOUR PURCHASE.


Pela phone case

Pela phone case

Turn your phone over and take a look at your fading/dirty phone case. Now take it off and throw it in the trash. Pela has kept almost 300,000 pounds of plastic from being produced and polluting our oceans. Sleek and sturdy, their cases will protect the environment and your mobile through thick and thin.

ClimbSkin Hand Cream

Climber hand repair

There's nothing worse than a good ol’ flapper on the hands, they take forever to heal and restrict you from feeling confident on the wall. Climbskin Hand Repair is our favorite cream for climbing because it actually works, its water-base hydrates deeper for better skin regeneration and doesn't feel greasy like many wax-based lotions.

Pink HydroFlask

Hydro Flask or if your broke… Nalgene

Hydro Flask


Hitting the bonus realm (100 ounces of water in a day) is hard when you constantly have lukewarm water in the bottle. The hydro flask will keep water icy cold for 24 hours and hot drinks up to 12 hours. However, if you’re ballin on a budget we can’t recommend Nalgene’s enough. These things are literally rocks, will never dent and pretty much impossible to break.

black rocketbook notebook


Rocketboom smart reusable notebook

Solid notebooks are of utmost importance with any project or assignment you are working on. Physically writing notes is scientifically proven to help with retaining information and having a compact journal allows you to bring it anywhere. The pages of this eco-friendly reusable notebook can be wiped away when you finish up so this guy could potentially last a lifetime.


Blue Bottle 2 Pen Pens

Pilot bottle pens

Made from recycled bottles, these Pilot pens write like a buttery slalom skier and save the planet with every purchase.

Black Belt

686 premier tool belt

Whether you're in the wood shop or up 14,000 feet ripping Corbets, this belt will never disappoint. Made from 100% genuine leather and featuring a screwdriver, wrench and bottle opener, you can fix your bindings on the fly while sippin' on a cold one.

Nice as heck Down n' Dirty Workshirt


Down n' Dirty workshirt

Our personal favorite for any rugged activities, this 12 oz. duck canvas work shirt is basically armour. It will take any slam you throw at it and withstand working your way through dense brush. The quarter button features an embroidered logo on the right breast and comes in an olive.

Yellow hippie shit cologne


Hippie shit cologne

Inspired by the smell of burnt Palo Santo (bursera graveolens), you won't be able to fend off the amount of ladies you’ll attract. Known to be spiritually purifying, Hippie Shit cologne is your go-to for starting the new year with a bang.



If you’re like us, sometimes the room gets a little too hazy and the only thing to clear the air is to add a little more haze. Petrichor Incense translates to “the fresh scent of rain hitting the earth after a dry spell” and has been used in rituals for centuries. Sfumato Fragrances are handmade in Detroit and are bound to cleanse whatever room you light one in.

IPA Beers


IPA subscription

We love a good IPA with dinner but often find ourselves in a pickle trying to figure out which one to choose. An IPA subscription will put you ahead of the game by allowing you to try a combination of innovative and classic IPA’s. Expand your palate and impress your friends the next time you decide what beer to drink.

red parka jacket


111 parka

Handsewn in the New York fashion district, Owner Operator has been producing outerwear and accessories since 2008. Dedicated to quality in fabric and function, there is no going wrong with anything you purchase from them. The 111 Parka is an essential for tackling the winter with style and supporting a fully domestic company warms the heart.

black foldable knife

Pocket knife

Considered one of the most useful everyday instruments, a solid pocket knife is crucial for the unexpected. Whether you’re climbing El Cap and your shirt gets stuck in a crack or simply need to open your nice as heck order, you would be a fool not to have a knife on hand.

stylish green sunglasses


Recycled sunglasses

If you’re like us, sunglasses come and go. One day they’re stuck to your face going 50 on a wave runner and the next they’re 150 feet down on the seafloor. Sunski sunglasses are made from 100% recycled materials and won’t break the bank. The Treeline’s are one of our favorite designs, they sit happily on your face and feature removable magnetic shields that keep the sun out of your peripherals.

nice as heck nice socks


Nice as heck socks

You can never have enough socks. - Mom


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